The History of Ornaments and Motifs from Asia and Middle East – HIROSHI UNNO

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This is a valuable book that allows you to see the dramatic world history of the Eurasian continent with your own eyes while unraveling the history of decorative cultures in Asia and the Middle East with rich visuals.

In the Eurasian Continent, which the Silk Road traverses, various countries with their own cultures, such as China, Persia, Islam, and India, have interacted and influenced each other, forming their own profound cultures.

With the development of archeology, in the latter half of the 19th century, the arts of Egypt, Greece, the Orient, China, Japan, etc., were brought together into a single perspective and considered to be related to a single history as “art history.” Then, through the rediscovery of the Silk Road, the path of civilization, we began to see the connections between civilizations and arts around the world.

Patterns, designs, and symbols have come to attract attention as keywords, archetypes, symbols, symbols, and form languages that connect civilizations.

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May, 2023

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Hiroshi Unno

Born in Tokyo in 1939. Critic and writer. He graduated from Waseda University, Department of Russian Literature.

He works for Heibonsha. He became independent after working as the editor-in-chief of “Sun”. He writes in a wide range of fields including art, film, music, literature, urban theory and fashion. He has written many books.

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