Stamp Recipe Book – Cute Decorations for Notebooks and Paper Goods

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Are you enjoying using cute stamps? A popular creator who is knowledgeable about stationery introduces various ideas for making your planners, notebooks, and paper items shine.

Even though you’ve collected many stamps and seals, they just end up being decorations and you can’t seem to master using them…! For those who have this problem, we introduce various clever ideas that make your usual planners, notebooks, and paper items instantly sparkle with just a simple press.

For people like:
○ Those who bought many stamps saying “This stamp is cute~!” but can’t master using them
○ Those who want to have fun with their planners and notebooks
○ Those who want to collect more and more new stamps
○ Those who want to learn about stamp inks

○ Part 1: From tools to pressing! The basics of stamps
Types of commercially available stamps such as rotary stamps, date stamps, permeating stamps, mini stamps, clear stamps, etc. There are also various types of inks (stamp pads) nowadays. First, let’s check the basics! Thorough explanations on how to press, how to clean stains, and how to choose paper.
○ Part 2: Making planners & notebooks cute with stamp decoration
Even if you can’t draw or lack confidence in your sense, it’s okay! Popular creators will introduce ideas and tips for using stamps to make planners and notebooks cute. Not just for bullet journals, but also schedules, diaries, and daily logs.
○ Part 3: Stylishly arranging sticky notes, postcards, and gifts
Why not make more use of the stamps you’ve collected? A single stamp can make a memo stand out. Use it for greeting cards, and wrapping small gifts.
○ Part 4: The profound world of stamp ink
The world of stamp inks is diverse and colorful. Information on making original color stamp pads and more.
At the end of the book, there is a list of recommended stamp manufacturers.

Popular creators who teach tips and ideas:
Jitoestudio OSONO
Stitch Leaf
and others

Release Date:
October, 2023

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