SAKUJI SAHO – Ideas and processes in new Japanese lettering

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A book that explains the idea and production process of modern Japanese character design.

A world of modern and unique Japanese character design created by various techniques that transcend the distinction between digital and analog. We will explain the ideas and production process of designers who are active on the front lines.

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Chapter 1 Drawing method: Shun Sasaki, Tetsuo Suzuki, Ryu Mieno, Kazuki Kobayashi
Chapter 2 Rhetorical Device: Norisuke Ota, NC Empire, rendat, Shingo Sawai, Ami Kaneko, from Katsushika, MILTZ
Chapter 3 Crafting Method: Masataka Yoshida, Kentaro Fujimoto, Katsunobu Yoshida, Aoi Hirota, Kohei Kamihoriuchi, Kazuhiro Yamada

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October, 2021

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