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This is an illustrated book with more than 1,100 photographs of all kinds of railroad typefaces and designs, including signage for passenger trains, freight trains, streetcars, monorails, and cable cars, as well as signage for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The author personally visited 201 railroad lines across Japan, photographed station name signs on platforms and station buildings, and boarding and exit signs, and researched and deciphered the typefaces (fonts) in use.

JR Hokkaido (Hokkaido Railway Company)/Sapporo Subway (Sapporo City Transportation Bureau)/Donan Isaribi Railway/JR Freight (Japan Freight Railway Company)/Sapporo City Tram (Sapporo City Transportation Promotion Corporation)/Hakodate Tram (Hakodate City Transportation Department)/Aoimori Railway/ Tsugaru Railway/Konan Railway/IGR Iwate Galaxy Railroad/ Sanriku Railway/Sendai City Subway Sendai City Subway Namboku Line (Sendai City Transportation Bureau) / Sendai City Subway Tozai Line (Sendai City Transportation Bureau) / Sendai Airport Railway / Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway / Yurikogen Railway / Yamagata Railway / Aizu Railway / Fukushima Transportation / Abukuma Express

JR East (East Japan Railway)/Tokyo Metro (Tokyo Metro)/Toei Subway (Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau)/Tokyu Corporation/Kodomonokuni Line (Yokohama Rapid Transit/Tokyu Corporation)/Keihin Electric Express Railway/Odakyu Corporation/Keio Corporation/ Seibu Corporation/Tobu Corporation/Tobu Corporation Tojo Line/Keisei Corporation/Shin Keisei Corporation/Sagami Corporation/Minatomirai Line (Yokohama Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line (Yokohama Municipal Transportation Bureau) / Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line (Yokohama Municipal Transportation Bureau) / Rinkai Line (Yokohama Waterfront Area Rapid Transit Railway) / Enoshima Electric Railway / Hakone Tozan Railway / Hokuso Railway / Toyo Rapid Transit / Saitama Rapid Transit / Chichibu Railway / Tsukuba Express (Metropolitan New Transit Railway) / Ryutetsu / Kanto Hitachinaka Kaihin Railway / Choshi Electric Railway / Kominato Railway / Isumi Railway / Shibayama Railway / Kashima Rinkai Railway / Mooka Railway / Watarase Gorge Railway / Jomo Electric Railway / Joshin Electric Railway / Noiwa Railway / Fuji Express / Toden Arakawa Line (Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau) / Tokyo Monorail / Tama City Monorail / Shonan Monorail / Chiba City Monorail Yurikamome (Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Rinkai Line)/Nippori-Toneri Liner (Tokyo Metropolitan Transportation Bureau)/Yokohama Seaside Line/New Shuttle (Saitama New Transit)/Yamaman/ Daisen Cable Car (Daisen Kanko Dentetsu) /Tsukuba Cable Car (Tsukuba Kanko Railway)/Takaoyama Cable Car (Takaotozan Dentetsu) /Miyama Cable Car (Ontake Tozan Railway)/Kanagawa Waterfront Railway/Keiyo Waterfront Railway

[Shinetsu & Hokuriku]
Shinano Railway / Nagano Electric Railway / Ueda Electric Railway / Alpico Transportation / Hokuhoku Line (Hokuetsu Express) / Myoko Haneuuma Line of Echigo Tokimeki Railway / Nihonkai Hisui Line of Echigo Tokimeki Railway / Ainokaze Toyama Railway / IR Ishikawa Railway / Hokuriku Railway / Nono Railway / Fukui Railway / Echizen Railway / Toyama Chiho Railway / Toyama Chiho Railway ( Kurobe Gorge Railway / Tateyama Cable Car (Tateyama Kurobe Kanko) / Kurobe Cable Car (Tateyama Kurobe Kanko) / Tateyama Tunnel Trolleybus (Tateyama Kurobe Kanko)

JR Tokai (Tokai Railway) / Nagoya City Subway (Nagoya City Transportation Bureau) / Nagoya Railroad / Aonami Line (Nagoya Waterfront Rapid Transit) / Aichi Loop Railway / Toyohashi Railway / Johoku Line (Tokai Transportation Business) / Linimo (Aichi Rapid Transit) / Izu Hakone Railway Sunzu Line / Izu Hakone Railway Ooyama Line / Izu Kyuko / Gakunan Railway / Shizuoka Railway / Oigawa Railway Enshu Railway / Tenryu Hamanako Railway / Meichi Railway / Nagaragawa Railway / Tarumi Railway / Sanuki Railway Sanuki Line / Sanuki Railway Hokusei Line / Yokkaichi Asunaro Railway / Yoro Railway / Iga Railway / Ise Railway / Tokuni Pass Cable Car / Yutorito Line (Nagoya Guideway Bus)

JR West Japan Railway (West Japan Railway Company)/Osaka Metro (Osaka City Rapid Transit)/Hankyu Railway/Hanshin Electric Railway/Keihan Electric Railway/Nankai Electric Railway/Kinki Nippon Railway/Kinki Nippon Railway Keihanna Line/Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line (Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau)/Kyoto City Subway Tozai Line (Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau)/Kobe City Subway Nishishin Kobe Municipal Subway Nishishin Line (Kobe City Transportation Bureau)/Kobe Municipal Subway Kaigan Line (Kobe City Transportation Bureau)/Sanyo Electric Railway/Kobe Electric Railway/Nose Electric Railway/Kita Osaka Kyuko Railway/Semboku Rapid Railway/Eizan Electric Railway/Omi Railway/Shigaraki Kogen Railway/Kyoto Tango Railway (Willer Trains)/Arashiden (Keifuku Electric Railway)/Asano Trolley (Sagano Kanko Railway)/Mizuma Railroad / Wakayama Electric Railway / Kishu Railway / Hojo Railway / Hankai Electric Railway / Osaka Monorail / New Tram (Osaka City Rapid Transit) / Rokko Liner (Kobe New Transit) / Port Liner (Kobe New Transit) / Rokko Cable (Rokkosan Kanko) / Maya Cable (Kobe Sumai Machizukuri Kosha) / Koyasan Cable (Nankai Electric Railway Co. Koyasan Cable (Nankai Electric Railway) / Ikoma Cable (Kinki Nippon Railway) / Eizan Cable (Keifuku Electric Railway) / Amanohashidate Cable (Tango Kairiku Kotsu) / Ishimizu Hachiman Shrine approach Cable (Keihan Electric Railway) / Sakamoto Cable (Hieizan Railway)

JR Shikoku (Shikoku Railway) / Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railway / Iyo Railway / Iyo Railway (track line) / Tosa Kuroshio Railway Nakamura Line / Tosa Kuroshio Railway Gomen-Nahari Line / Tosaden Kotsu / Asa Kaigan Railway / Chizu Express / Okayama Electric Railway / Ihara Railway / Mizushima Waterfront Railway / Hiroshima Electric Railway / Astram Line (Hiroshima Rapid Transit) / Ichibata Railway /Nishikigawa Railway / Wakasakura Railway / Yatsukuri Cable (Shikoku Cable) / Sky Rail

JR Kyushu (Kyushu Railway) / Fukuoka City Subway Airport & Kaizuka Line (Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau) / Fukuoka City Subway Nanakuma Line (Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau) / Nishinippon Railway / Chikuho Electric Railway / Heisei Chikuho Railway / Mojiko Retro Kanko Line (Heisei Chikuho Railway) / Amagi Railway / Kumamoto Electric Railway / Shimabara Railway / Matsuura Railway / Hisatsu-Orenji Railway / Minami Aso Railway / Kumagawa Railroad / Kumamoto City Tram (Kumamoto Municipal Transportation Bureau) / Nagasaki Electric Railway / Kagoshima City Tram (Kagoshima Municipal Transportation Bureau) / Sarakura Cable Car (Sarakura Mountain Railway) / Kitakyushu Monorail (Kitakyushu Rapid Railway) / Yui Rail (Okinawa Urban Monorail)

Release Date:
February, 2022

Author profile

Yuki Ishikawa

graphic designer
Representative of Design Express Co., Ltd.
Born in Suginami-ku, Tokyo in 1987. He dropped out of the Faculty of Arts, Tokyo Polytechnic University.
After working for an animation design production company, he established Design Kyuko Co., Ltd. in 2017.
He is a member of the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA).

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