Only 3 Colors with Good Taste – Color scheme ideas that you can see and decide without hesitation

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This book focuses on limiting the number of colors used to “three,” making it easier for even those who lack confidence in their sense of design to create stylish color combinations.

It also includes design examples and the proportion of colors used in each combination, making it easy to understand good design images and balanced color distribution.

◆ Useful for Various Scenarios!
Introduces numerous color schemes that can be applied in various fields such as design, illustration, handmade crafts, fashion, nails, as well as flyers, POP, and presentation materials.

◆ Categories of Color Schemes Included in This Book
NATURAL: For a naturally gentle impression
POP: Colorful and uplifting!
ELEGANT: For a mature and refined atmosphere
MODERN: Contemporary and stylish
SEASON: Color schemes that capture the changing seasons
JAPAN: Capturing the essence of Japanese culture through color
OVERSEAS: Colors that evoke exotic atmospheres
SERVICE: Color schemes that can be used in service scenes

Release Date:
June, 2020

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Injector E-United Co., Ltd. / Representative Eri Teramoto
She writes and produces books such as illustration and design material collections, handmade books, and design textbooks. She has written over 30 books.

She also handles the management, store development, design, and planning of cafes such as “ROCCA & FRIENDS” in Kyoto and Osaka.

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