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The basics, concepts, rules and processes needed to design
It is a book that explains visually such as illustrations, illustrations, and photographs.

You can compare the designers who are active in the field to familiar and easy-to-understand things, or replace them with illustrations, illustrations, and other things to change your perspective.

It is a content that you can understand various aspects of the design while having fun, with abundant visuals and easy-to-understand unraveling.

<Contents of this book>
■ Chapter 1
There is no “correct answer” in design-editing and design

■ Chapter 2 Designer’s 7 tools
Which is Daiji? Let’s make it a habit. –Daiji degree balance
Aim at the protagonist and shed light. –Spotlight
It has a good design and a good character. –Personification power
The world is full of hints. –Associative power
Become bilingual with words and pictures. –Translator
The ultimate weapon hidden in the middle. -Magnifying glass
What determines the design. –Love

■ Chapter 3 Design element
Assemble the fabric so that it is woven. -Combined with letters
Create the “likeness” of words. –Words and sentences
Think about the right and left brains. -Color
Face the power of the image. –Photo
Logical, sometimes graphical. –Graphs and charts

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July, 2015

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