More Wonderful World of Sweets Tin Box

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A book on collecting sweets tin box by Nakata Pu, a can collector.
This book is even more powerful than the first volume, “The Wonderful World of sweets tin box”!

It’s still cute and the best! From a large collection of cat tin box, popular museum tin box, beautiful art collaboration tin box, old-fashioned retro tin box, stylish foreign tin box, animal tin box, and even that military commander’s tin box!
For each of these tin box, the birth story, history, and secrets of their popularity are unraveled.

Interviews were conducted with long-established confectionery manufacturers such as Morinaga Seika and Merry Chocolate Kamphany, and valuable vintage tin box that had lain dormant in warehouses were also revealed.
The contents of the book provide an overview of the history of sweets tin box.

Release Date:
January, 2023

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Pu Nakata

Editor and food journalist. She has written many cookbooks, lifestyle books, and camping books.

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Pu Nakata


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