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This book features over 500 pieces of lettering created by 76 authors and designers, produced not for client work but as pure visual and self-expression.

Lettering, the act of creating letters, has gained attention and popularity on social media. Nowadays, it is common to see lettering incorporated with illustrations or photographs in a single image, or even expanded into various formats such as merchandise.

The book categorizes lettering by “shape,” “concept,” and “combination,” introducing each piece along with captions about the creative intention.

It also includes interviews and making-of stories from five creators who showcase their unique artistic identities. These sections delve into what fascinates them about lettering, why they engage in it, and the processes through which their creations come to life.

Dive into the current state of lettering, a field that conjures a captivating world view and conveys the freedom of letters.

[Table of Contents]
Chapter 1: Shape
– Line
– Surface
– Texture

Chapter 2: Concept
– Concrete
– Principle
– Expansion

Chapter 3: Combination
– Illustration
– Photograph
– Merchandise

Interviews & Making Of
– The relationship between lettering, illustration, and graphic design – Sobamaru
– Approaching letters and ideas – Kenji Konaka
– Analog-based creation – Moeta Wakamatsu
– Ambigrams – Ambigram Research Lab
– Lettering goods with acrylic – Masaru at Nichitaya

Release Date:
March, 2024

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