Let’s talk about fonts! Japanese typography book

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This book covers how to handle characters and typefaces for graphic designers who are active in the front lines of Japanese editorial and advertising.

From the tips for choosing a typeface to the design of original characters, this is a book where you can understand typography through example works.

19 pairs of fonts
◎ Branding and fonts
Nippon Design Center | Yoshiaki Irobe, canaria, Rights Design | Satoshi Nakaichi, DODO DESIGN | Dignified Minoru, MIMIGURI | Tatsuya Imaichi, TBS Television Design Center | Shintaro Kashino, Type Project | Isao Suzuki

◎ Book design and font
Jun Kawana, nipponia | Kazuhiro Yamada, tento | Yuichi Urushihara, Toda Design Laboratory | Yasushi Toda, BALCOLONY |. Norisuke Ota / Keisuke Mitsui, AYOND | Shun Sasaki, cozfish | Shin Sobue

◎ Magazines, web design and fonts
BEEWORKS | Mai Saeki / Koshiro Takeno, ma-hgra | Kiyoka Tanaka, primary inc |., Yukihiro Yamada / Aiko Kaminaga / Shiori Higashizuma, Morisawa | Hideyuki Oda / Yoshizumi Harano, SB Technology | Hiroyuki Sekiguchi

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August, 2020

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Illustrator. She digitally draws illustrations of clothes, accessories, plants and lace.

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