Guide to TRPG Graphic Design

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A book where you can learn effective design approaches that are useful for creating TRPG visuals.

A design guide for those who enjoy visualizing sessions, such as those who create rulebooks and scenarios, those who design, those who create materials for sessions, and those who draw characters.

Chapter 1 introduces tips for color schemes and handwriting that liven up the story as “the basics of design”. In the following Chapter 2, as “design points”, fictional examples are used to explain the concept of trailers, room designs, and text layouts.

Chapter 3 “Design Ideas” is full of beautiful examples of works and interviews with creators such as popular circles and designers. In addition to the domestic scenarios and rulebooks, Mr. Montro from Malström will review overseas works that have not been translated into Japanese from a design perspective. (it’s Japanese)

Furthermore, in Chapter 4, “Murder Mystery Design” is luxuriously recorded as Book in Book. It condenses and conveys design points and design ideas unique to Murder Mystery.


【table of contents】
TRPG now
Various TRPG systems
Various TRPG scenarios
How to play TRPG
What to prepare for TRPG
TRPG Glossary

Chapter 1
design basics

1-1-1 Physical version
1-1-2 Digital (data) version
1-2 Six steps of design
1-3-1 Request a design/illustration
1-3-2 Receiving design/illustration requests
1-4-1 Colors that create moods
1-4-2 Light and Shadow
1-4-3 Picture x Design
1-4-4 Character illustration x design
1-4-5 Decoration x Design
1-4-6 Photo x Design
1-4-7 Texture x Design
1-4-8 Variable typeface
1-4-9 Readability and limitations
1-4-10 Find/use materials
1-4-11 Create materials
1-4-12 Specifications of printed matter
1-4-13 Specification of distribution data

Chapter 2
design point

2-1-1 Title logo
2-1-2 Main visual
2-1-3 Handout summary
2-1-4 Introduction, catch copy
2-1-5 Overview
2-1-6 Cover
2-1-7 Text
2-1-8 Search map
2-1-9 Session room
2-1-10 Other images
2-2 Production with video
2-3 Session tools, etc.

Chapter 3
design ideas

Interview opening
Interview nzworks
Interview Hakka rain
Interview Nekozushi Taku
Scenario design examples
Designed by players
Domestic TRPG
Interview Karikari Ume
Overseas TRPG

Chapter 4
Murder mystery design

4-1 What is Murder Mystery?
4-2 How to play Murder Mystery
4-3 Things to prepare for Murder Mystery
4-4 Murder Mystery Glossary

4-5 Murder Mystery Design Points
4-5-1 Title visual
4-5-2 Introduction
4-5-3 Character selection
4-5-4 Handout
4-5-5 Reading material
4-4-6 GM Guide
4-5-7 card
4-5-8 Session room
4-5-9 package

4-6 Murder Mystery Design Ideas
Interview Weekend Club
Interview Madara Ushi
Interview Itohaki
Scenario design examples


Release Date:
May, 2023

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