Glass Pen Tracing Literature : Kenji Miyazawa Gento-Kan

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The theme of this second book in the Glass Pen Tracing series is “Writing Characters in Pictures”. The many masterpieces by Kenji Miyazawa are beautifully and prettily spread out in the pictures by Shinzi Katoh, a world-renowned miscellaneous goods designer.

There are 6 different types of paper with different writing styles and 38 different typefaces to trace. The book is bound in durable, easy-to-open PUR. Enjoy a moment of tracing and admiring masterpieces and stationery.

Release Date:
August, 2022

Author profile

Shinzi Katoh

Miscellaneous goods designer and picture book author. Born in Kumamoto Prefecture.
In his more than 50 years of designer life, he has sent out more than 15,000 various product designs such as miscellaneous goods, shoes, clothes, picture books, jewelry, etc. to Japan and overseas. He has collaborated with many famous characters such as Disney, Pokemon, Ultra Kaiju, and Astro Boy.
In 2010, he won the Minister of the Environment Award for his work in the 2010 Environment Minister’s Award. He has published more than 25 picture books so far.

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Shinzi Katoh


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