Fashionable and cute! Illustration Color Scheme Idea Book by OB1TOY

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Find the perfect color scheme for your image that brings out the best in your illustrations!

◎Introduces color scheme ideas for 8 categories × 5 themes
This book is divided into chapters along eight categories such as “NATURAL” and “POP,” and each chapter introduces color scheme ideas for five different themes.

◎Easily grasp the image of color schemes from the cute examples!
For each theme, a color palette of four color balls including the main color and illustration design examples are proposed. You can intuitively get an idea of the color scheme.

◎4 color schemes, 3 color schemes, 2 color schemes. You can choose according to your needs.
The color palette is used to create 4, 3, and 2 color schemes, and you can learn how to use each color scheme with good taste and distribution.

◎Numerous color scheme patterns using the main colors are also included.
In addition, colors and design patterns that can be easily matched with the main colors are also introduced. You can see various examples of applications using the main colors.


Release Date:
March, 2023

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Obi Youhei (OB1TOY)

After working as a designer for advertisements, toys, packages, and mystery-solving events, he started working as an individual in 2021.
In his personal activities, he creates a wide range of illustrations, logo designs, book bindings and package designs. Based on the concept of retro and cute, he is working on his daily production.

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Obi Youhei


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