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A total of about 3,000 illustrations and plates are included! This is a compilation of the activities of Eiji Mitooka, who revolutionized railway design.

Mainly on railway vehicles, design drawings of transportation such as buses and ships, perspective drawings of buildings such as station buildings, commercial facilities, and resort facilities, and illustrations for advertisement and product design are posted.

This book doesn’t dare to make a collection of works that show the paintings neatly arranged, but with the image of a gallery, the paintings put in frames one by one are lined up closely. The reason why he chose this method is that the author wants you to realize how many pictures you have to draw to design one vehicle.

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April, 2023

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Eiji Mitooka

Born in Okayama Prefecture in 1947. He graduated from Okayama Technical High School Design Course. After working at Sun Design (Osaka) and STUDIO SILVIO COPPOLA (Milan), he established Dawn Design Institute in 1972. In 1987 he was in charge of art direction for Hotel Uminonakamichi. In 1988, he entered the railway design field with “Aqua Express”. He is involved in vehicle design, including JR Kyushu, public design, building and commercial facility design.

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