design no hikidashi Vol.44 – Japanese graphic design

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This book features information on cardboard and paperboard, which is often used for business cards, cards, book covers, and boxes. A thorough introduction from type introduction to usage examples that you want to imitate and printing processing.

Includes a real sample book of thick paper and paperboard with the limit of the bookbinding machine 50 mm thick!

The special feature of this issue, which will be the 44th issue, is full of attractive paperboards that we do not know yet!
As paperboard / cardboard and its cool usage, we thoroughly introduce the cardboard / cardboard that seems to be known but the abundant types are not well known.

It comes with an actual sample book that contains many hard-to-find paperboard samples.

(Because a sample book with a thickness of 5 cm is attached inside, the main body is greatly curved. Please note)

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October, 2021

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