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A sample book that collects beautiful pink color schemes that are popular with women.

25 traditional colors of Japanese and Western pink, about 500 patterns of color samples and CMYK,
The numerical values of RGB and Web color are posted.

● Japanese traditional color
Cherry blossom, cherry tree, light red wisteria, gray cherry, crow, light red wisteria, nadeshiko,
Pink, fading, middle red flower, light red plum, soo fragrance, present color

● Traditional Western colors
Milky pink, pink beige, salmon pink,
Coral pink, pastel pink, rose pink,
Cherry pink, orchid pink, magenta, ruby, wine, fluorescent pink

Release Date:
December, 2016

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A design office represented by Koji Iyama, art director. He is involved in the design of various companies and brands, including the mt. He has also won numerous overseas design awards such as NY ADC and D & AD.

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