Color Combinations Idea Handbook – World Colors and Cultures take a World Trip with a Page Flip

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This is a color textbook that captures the beauty and charm of places around the world, packed with colors and cultures that allow you to realize the image of your dream locations.

● Key Points of This Book
– A comprehensive compilation featuring 116 themes and a total of 2,912 color combinations that paint the world.
– Easy to read with self-contained spreads, and the compact size ensures it won’t take up too much space, leaving room for your creative work.
– Expands your imagination through text, photos, designs, patterns, and illustrations, sparking creative ideas.
– Immediately useful in various scenarios, from design to business, hobbies, and practical applications.
– Covers a diverse range of topics, including countries around the world, confectionery, ethnic costumes, famous paintings, and colors associated with scents.
– Keep it at hand to enjoy gazing at it anytime. It’s a book that allows you to take a color journey as if you’re touring cute spots around the world.

Part 1: Eternal Longing, France
Part 2: Warmth and Sophistication of Scandinavia
Part 3: Sun-Kissed European Countries
Part 4: Must-Visit European Countries
Part 5: The Exotic Charm of Eastern Europe
Part 6: The Healing of Nature and Cutting-Edge Trends, Hawaii & North America
Part 7: Feel the Pulse of the Earth in Central/South America, Oceania, and Africa
Part 8: Nostalgic and Cute Countries of Asia
Part 9: A Journey Through World Confectionery
Part 10: Beautiful Ethnic Costumes
Part 11: Color Palettes of Famous Paintings
Part 12: Colors Imagined from Scents

Release Date:
July, 2020

Author profile

Teruko Sakurai

Representative director of Tokyo Colors Co., Ltd. She proposes colors that are useful to people, provides color consulting and corporate training to make corporate products more attractive, and plans and produces color teaching materials.

In 2014, she became the first Japanese person to become a certified instructor of the Swedish National Standard Natural Color System (NCS) and is working to popularize it. She is the author of many books on colors and color schemes, including her “Color Scheme Idea Notebook”, which is an overwhelmingly popular series that has sold over 370,000 copies in total, and has been translated into many languages and is widely loved.

She is a full member of the Color Society of Japan, an NCS certified instructor, a Color Certification Association certified instructor, a Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Color Coordinator Certification Exam certified instructor, and an interior coordinator.

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Teruko Sakurai


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