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A practical color scheme book that you can enjoy with your five senses. A 100% original approach created through 30 years of research and achievements.

Utilized from an enormous amount of color name and image database that was originally constructed.
1,086 original colors corresponding to various themes.
125 color palettes based on original colors.
2,500 different color arrangement samples created by the author who is a professional color arrangement designer.
Originally edited, easy-to-use 1-themed color palette for each spread and 2, 3, 4, 5 color scheme samples.

The image and idea swell just by flipping.
While developing a sense of language that can be used for presentations, the color sense is improved.
The definitive edition of the practical color scheme book.

Release Date:
May, 2014

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A design office represented by Koji Iyama, art director. He is involved in the design of various companies and brands, including the mt. He has also won numerous overseas design awards such as NY ADC and D & AD.

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