Children’s Advertising in the Showa Era

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“Astro Boy”, “Osomatsu-kun”, “Q Taro of the Ghost”, “Ultraman”, “Kitaro of Gegege”, “Star of the Giant” etc.
Showa 40’s, a boy’s magazine that was popular with popular manga competitions. Today, with respect and admiration, it is also called the “Golden Age”.

It’s not just manga and gravure that gave a magazine a sparkle.
The colorful advertisements that helped popularize a wide variety of products, from cheap sweets with bonuses to bicycles that were more expensive than college graduate salaries, continued to stimulate the fashion sense of boys and girls.
It is a Bible of Showa retro fans, culminating in a nostalgic and valuable advertisement for children.

Five main features of this book
● One advertisement per page, 276 masterpiece advertisements are reproduced in the same colors as they were at the time.
-Based on the image data of the original version, we have made thorough additional corrections with the aim of reproducing more perfect prints.
● The original version was re-organized according to the product, such as “candy”, “plastic model”, “toys” etc.
The advertisement you want to see can be searched immediately.
●In the original version, all 45 advertisements, which were reduced in size due to the structure of the original version, are posted in a larger size.
-All the nostalgic manga characters, actors and idols who fully convey the atmosphere of the 1940s will appear.

Release Date:
April, 2009

Author profile

Takanobu Okoshi

Japanese editor, freelance writer. Showa child culture researcher. Born in Tokyo. After working as an editorial producer KIYO Publishing, joined Taoyuan Shobo in 1988 and was involved in the editing of the beautiful girl comic magazine “Comic Jumbo”. After leaving the company in 1992, became a freelance writer. Currently, he is introducing the child culture of the Showa era from a unique perspective, focusing on middle-aged true story magazines.

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