BOTANY – Collection of plants and decorative materials

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A collection of decorative materials in which the illustration materials of plants drawn with beautiful line art are colored in three colors: black, gold, and copper.

This is a collection of decorative materials that covers illustration materials such as plants and creatures drawn with delicate and beautiful line art, frames and background materials, and parts that are indispensable for design.
Available in three colors, black, gold, and bronze, the included DVD for both Windows and Mac contains more than 4,900 materials.
If you use materials that are stylish even if you just line them up, the range of arrangements will expand, and anyone can easily create fashionable designs. Enjoy a wonderful design with this book that can be used 3 times and enjoyed 3 times.

[About recorded material data]
The included DVD-ROM is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Recorded in JPEG and PNG formats. Some EPS formats (compatible with Illustrator CC and above) are available.

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December, 2018

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