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Introducing a new “Rurubu” that guides you through the world of games. This book is a guide for players traveling through the nations of “Mondstadt,” “Liyue,” and “Inazuma,” which are the main stages in the world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact.

What kind of tourist spots are there in Teyvat, and how can you enjoy them? Such curiosity has been encapsulated into an actual guidebook. Unlike traditional game strategy books, this one is filled with unique perspectives only “Rurubu” can offer.

■ Main contents of the book
1. Plenty of tourist information that will undoubtedly be useful for your travels in Teyvat!
– Scenic & historical! Mondstadt’s two major thematic model courses
– Capture a unique and photogenic shot in Liyue
– Aspire to the Guizhong Pavilion with an invitation, among others

2. The cover features an original illustration!
The cover is an original drawing. Don’t miss the “Rurubu Genshin” original cover, overflowing with the charm of Teyvat tourism!

3. Sticker supplement “Paimon’s Rurubu (See, Eat, Play)”
The sticker supplement features newly drawn illustrations of Paimon during the trip. Paimon’s joyful expressions enjoying the sights are a must-see.

4. Recommended Teyvat travels heard from experienced travelers!
Those who love Genshin Impact will coordinate Teyvat tourism. We’ll hear recommended information from senior travelers who deeply love “Genshin Impact” as players!

5. Paimon’s Hungry Gourmet Recipes
What if you could actually make the gourmet dishes that appear in the game? Turning such fantasies into reality! We introduce Teyvat’s gourmet recipes.
The dishes, with their creative twists from MoriKitchen, are sure to make you want to try making them yourself!

Release Date:
December, 2022

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