Ensemble Stars!! Official Works vol.3

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The 5th official setting material collection of “Ensemble Stars!!” This book compiles setting materials for the costumes worn by the idols in game events and scouting announced from August 2021 to August 2022.

It’s full of highlights, including numerous setting materials making their first appearance, chibi characters, and Live2D. The book, which is a massive 488 pages, comes with a case for storage.

◆Event & Scout Costume Settings
[“SS” Edition/4th Stage New World] ~ [Fierce Battle Yumenosaki/Physical Festival That Shows Existence!]
[Scout! The Frontline Watchdog] ~ [Scout! Red Hot Island]
[Feature Scout Chiaki Edition] ~ [Feature Scout Mao Edition 2]

◆Bloom Idol Costume Settings
◆Black Stage Costume Settings
◆FUSION UNIT SERIES Costume Settings
◆7th Anniversary Costume Settings

◆Character Introduction
Includes setting materials for Kurobane Hitsugi from the main story’s 1.5 part, the Seven Mysteries of Yumenosaki. Comments from Akira and the development staff are also included.

Additionally, it includes setting materials that are being published for the first time.

Release Date:
March, 2024

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