What Did You Eat Yesterday?(kinou nani tabeta?) Official Guide & Recipe 2 – Shiro’s Simple Recipe

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The long-awaited sequel to the official guide and recipe for “What Did You Eat Yesterday?(kinou nani tabeta?)” This book contains recipes for cooking that made Shiro and Kenji smile in the New Year special drama broadcast in 2020 and the movie version released in November 2021.

There is also a special talk with Hidetoshi Nishijima and Seiyo Uchino, who starred in the movie, and Fumi Yoshinaga, who is the original story, and tells a lot of secret stories from the drama to the movie, and the dishes that have appeared so far.

[Simple recipe of Shiro who connects the hearts of two people (recording menu)]

Aqua Pazza / Nanchatte Roast Beef / Gorgeous Green Salad / Summer Vegetable Curry / Avocado and Tomato with Wasabi Soup / Buri Daikon / Thick Fried Miso Scissors / Nira no Hitashi / Mitsuba Soup / Kayaku Rice / Meat Tofu / Steamed cabbage, asari and bacon / Sesame soup with scallions and moyashi / Mitsuba miso soup with licking onions / Ginger-grilled pork with plenty of onions / Namuru with carrots / Cold scallions with green onions and zasai / Miso soup with bamboo and wakame / Marbo spring rain with cabbage and spinach / New onion and wakame pon vinegar soup / Cub and bacon soy milk soup / Stir-fried levanilla / Steamed eggplant marinade / Cucumber and cabbage salted / Kakitama soup / Shredded potato ham cheese bread Cake / Black beans / Kanto style miscellaneous boiled meat dumplings / Spanish omelet / Caramel apple tofu / Black honey milk can
[Extra edition] Omelet rice with demiglace sauce / Kimchi jjigae Gilbert style


What Did You Eat Yesterday? Official Guide & Recipe series

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October, 2021

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