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The second in a series of recipes by food stylist Nami Iijima, based on Sadako Sawamura’s menu.

Contains 84 recipes for spring, summer, autumn and winter.
<Spring> Fried Flounder Flounder Green Bean Rice Yaki-dofu Boiled Horse mackerel Nuta
<Summer> Jelly soup Shumai oyster soup Cold meat Noppe
<Autumn> Dorayaki Kinpira Potato Salad Simmered Konoha Katsu Oden Shrimp with Garlic Chives
<Winter> Sukiyaki yellowtail oyster soup Amazake (ginger soup)

Photo: Keigo Saito

* All in Japanese.



Release Date:
September, 2021

Author profile

Nami Iijima

Born in Tokyo. She is a food stylist.

She is widely active in advertising and movies, mainly in TV commercials. After participating in the movie “Kamome Diner” in 2005, she began to work on food styling for movies and TV dramas. “Our Little Sister”, “Truth”, “Ora, Ora de Hito Igumo”, “Wonderful World”, drama / movie “Midnight Shokudo”, serial TV novel “Feast”, drama “Quartet”, “Omameda Towako and three ex-husbands” In charge of topical works such as.

Nami Iijima’s books

Sadako Sawamura

Born in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1908 (Meiji 41). She is an actress and essayist. Her real name is Sadako Ohashi.

She joined the New Construction Theater Company while she was a student at Japan Women’s University. She joins the avant-garde theater movement and she experiences imprisonment. She joined the Nikkatsu Uzumasa Contemporary Drama Club in 34 years and made her debut as a movie actress. She played an active role in movies, theatrical performances, and television, including works directed by Yasujiro Ozu.

Over 100 movies have appeared in her lifetime. In 1978, the NHK serial TV novel “Ote-chan”, which covered her half-life, was broadcast.

She retired as an actress in 1989. She is also good at writing, and she won the Japan Essayist Club Award for “My Asakusa” in 1977. She has also authored numerous books such as “Kai no Uta,” “My Kitchen,” and “My Dedication Diary.” She died in 1996 (Heisei 8).

Sadako Sawamura’s books

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Nami Iijima, Sadako Sawamura


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