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“Koubutsu wokashi” by food creator group harapecolab is a confectionary that is like a work of art, adding images of minerals and gems to amber sugar, a Japanese confectionary made from sugar and agar. This book is harapecolab’s first recipe book.

In one book, you can master sweets of 19 popular minerals such as crystal, fluorite, rose quartz, emerald, ruby, and diamond, as well as arranged sweets.
The book is packed with the know-how that only a specialty store can provide to make the basics, coloring, cutting, and assembly more “mineral” and tasty.

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June, 2021

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A group of food creators led by representative Tomomi Nojiri. Based in Fukuoka, they provide catering, food education workshops, business trip company meals, bento boxes and sweets production, etc. to connect art and food, and provide food with surprise, excitement, and beauty.

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