Fruit and vegetable jelly – stuffed with juice and pulp.

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This book introduces a recipe for jelly that you can enjoy whole fruits and vegetables.
The flesh is hollowed out, the juice is squeezed, and the skin that would normally be thrown away is used as a container.

Even so, it looks gorgeous and is sure to look great in photos!
This book is a book with more situations to enjoy, such as desserts and appetizers.



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April, 2018

Author profile

Naomi Hakamata

Food stylist & coordinator.

She is active as a designer at an automobile manufacturer. After that, she moved to the West Coast of the United States, inspired by California’s food and lifestyle, and refined her cooking and visual flair with a focus on desserts.

After returning to Japan, she started his career as a culinary researcher and presided over “& N kitchen studio”. While working in magazines and advertisements, she advocated “fusion of food and styling” and established the concept of food stylist & coordinator.

Featuring sophisticated and chic styling, she pursues a rich diet in her lifestyle through advertising, book-based recipe development, product coordination, and staring.

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Naomi Hakamata


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