SOU・SOU A 20-year Collection of Japanese Pop Textile Designs from Kyoto

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To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Kyoto-based textile brand “SOU・SOU,” 728 textile designs created up to 2022 have been compiled into one book.

The pop and cute Japanese-style patterned clothes and accessories made with an emphasis on “Made in Japan” have gained a devoted fan base both in Japan and abroad.
All designs are by Katsuji Wakisaka, Marimekko’s first Japanese designer. The book also contains many ideas that can be used as hints for manufacturing.

*Both in English and Japanese.

The exhibition also introduces clothing molds designed based on Japanese kimonos, collaborative products with domestic and international companies and organizations, and costumes for the movie “Kingdom” and other theatrical productions in which they cooperated with the costumes.

The creators of SOU・SOU, including producer Wakabayashi, are interviewed, and their creativity in developing Tabi Shoes, which at the time of the company’s founding in 2003 were only work shoes, into apparel products has now become one of the fashionable items in the fashion world. This led to the birth of Tabi Shoes, which have now become a fashionable item in the fashion world. This book is full of fun and creativity, and shows SOU-SOU’s craftsmanship.

<Main contents>
Chapter 1: 728 Basic SOU・SOU Textile Designs
Chapter 2: 20 Questions to SOU・SOU Producer Takeyuki Wakabayashi
Chapter 3: 95 Original Molds Comprising SOU・SOU Products
Chapter 4: From SOU・SOU to the World: A Catalog of Collaboration Items

Column People who wear SOU・SOU Hiroyuki Ehara, Kosaka Daomao, Motoya Izumi, Takaho Sasaoka
Interview Katsuji Wakisaka (textile designer), Hisanobu Tsujimura (architect)
SOU・SOU’s approach to craftsmanship as seen from the costume production site
Masae Miyamoto, Costume Designer
Data SOU・SOU Chronology / Craftsmen supporting the SOU・SOU manufacturing site

Release Date:
March, 2023
Japanese & English

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Based on the concept of “creating a new Japanese culture,” this Kyoto brand produces textile designs that express the four seasons and tastes of Japan in a pop way. Founded in 2003 by textile designer Katsuji Wakisaka, architect Hisanobu Tsujimura, and producer Takeyuki Wakabayashi. Currently, they have stores in Kyoto, Aoyama, and San Francisco.

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