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The first book by Yumiko Kamada, one of the top hair and makeup artists at Shiseido, which has only about eight people!

She specializes in Japanese hair and makeup, and uses the hair and makeup methods she has cultivated so far to explain how to make hair when she wears a kimono.

● Proposal of modern hair and makeup
Depending on the type of kimono and the scene in which you wear it, you can find everything from stylish edgy kimonos to fluffy and adorable ones. Experience the wide range of modern Japanese hair and makeup with beautiful visuals!

● Beautiful visual like a photo book
A lot of gravure pages are included to express the world of Japanese beauty that is made by total hair and makeup and kimono. You can enjoy the beauty of Japanese kimono culture through visuals.

● Full know-how that you can do yourself or at a beauty salon
By using Yumiko Kamada’s style make-up technique, which is particular about light and shadow, and the texture of the skin, you can maximize your charm even when wearing kimono. Let’s realize a beautiful figure from a full angle by improving the hair arrangement and making up by dividing each point such as eyes, cheeks, lips, etc. and explaining the particular technique.

● Styling like a work of art
Also pay attention to the modern and beautiful kimono styling by Yoko Akizuki, who is popular as a kimono stylist. Select kimonos, obi, and footwear that look like works of art, and enjoy total beauty with a high degree of perfection.

Release Date:
July, 2015

Author profile

Yumiko Kamada

Shiseido Senior Hair and Makeup Artist.
In 1987, he joined Shiseido at the same time he graduated from Shiseido’s hair and makeup academy “SABFA”. Belongs to Shiseido Beauty Creation Center.

He has worked on many advertisements, developed products and beauty methods, and trained beauty consultants. In addition, with his outstanding sense of expressing luxury and delicacy and his high technology, he also produces beauty for external companies.

Since 2010, he has been the general chief of hair and makeup for the fashion show “Fashion Cantata from KYOTO” where Japanese and Western modes co-star, and has also worked on hair and makeup for “JOTARO SAITO” and “TOKYO KIMONO COLLECTION in Nihonbashi” in the Tokyo collection.

Lecturer of Japan Formal Association, Lecturer of All Japan Wedding Beauty Association.

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