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A book that weaves the 15-year history of fashion brand “mina perhonen” with words and photographs.

Fashion brand “mina perhonen” launched by Akira Minagawa in 1995 with the desire to make “special everyday clothes”. From designing textiles with original designs to making clothes, he continues to create fashion that includes poetic sentiment and narrative.

This book is an attempt to express the time, thoughts, and efforts that mina perhonen has accumulated through visual and verbal expressions. With 50 keywords such as “time,” “embroidery,” “imagination,” “wind,” and “repetition,” the designer’s passion, the eyes on society, and the compromises with various people that are exchanged during the production process. No interaction is talked about, and rich visuals such as textiles, atelier, and factory conditions give those words a sense of reality.

The art direction is by Atsuki Kikuchi, who works on many graphics for mina perhonen.

Art Direction: Atsuki Kikuchi
Photo: Bishin Jumonji, Mie Morimoto, sono (bean), Hidegin Kobayashi, Yurie Nagashima and many others


Release Date:
April, 2011

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mina perhonen

Fashion and textile brand founded in 1995 by the designer Akira Minagawa to produce clothes which do not lose their allure through lapse of time.

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