Maruyama keikan – KEITA MARUYAMA 20th Anniversary Complete Works

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A collection of gorgeous works that summarizes the history of fashion designer Keita Maruyama for 20 years.

Since the debut of the “KEITA MARUYAMA” brand, we have not been limited to the fashion field, such as musicians, actors, theatrical performances, and movie costume production.
Keita Maruyama, a fashion designer representing Japan who has been widely active.

Keita Maruyama’s 20-year creations, which love beautiful details and the beauty of the four seasons of Japan, such as bold and pictorial prints and delicate handicrafts, are summarized in one book by art director Chie Morimoto’s original editorial. A gorgeous art book.

Introducing the stage costumes of DREAMS COME TRUE, which he has been working on for 24 years, over 18 pages.

Release Date:
August, 2014

Author profile

Keita Maruyama

Fashion designer. Born in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1965.

After graduating from the fashion engineering department and apparel design department of Bunka Fashion College in 1987, he joined the BIGI group “Quatre Saison” and worked as a planning designer for “Atsuki Onishi”.

He became independent in 1990, and as a freelance designer, he worked on stage costumes for many musicians and talents, TV and commercials, including DREAMS COME TRUE, focusing on costumes that he had been working on since he was a student. Will be.

At the same time as his brand was launched, he participated in the 94-95 Fall / Winter Tokyo Collection for the first time as “KEITA MARUYAMA TOKYO PARIS” and announced both men’s and ladies’ lines.

In 1996, he won the 14th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix New Face Award and Shiseido Encouragement Award, and opened his flagship store in Aoyama, Tokyo.

In 1997, he presented his ladies’ collection at the 98 Spring / Summer Paris Collection.

In 2012, he worked on uniform design for Japan Airlines (JAL Group) flight attendants and ground service departments, celebrating his 20th anniversary of his brand debut in 2014.

He founded K.M Design Studio in 2020 and he became CEO.

Keita Maruyama’s books

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