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The first collection of works by Yuzuru Hanyu and other costume designers, Satomi Ito, who is constantly receiving offers from home and abroad.

Figure skating is a representative of “art sports” that is not just about competing for technology.

From the perspective of “costumes,” which are indispensable for creating programs, the secret of the beauty of figure skating is revealed.

From the costumes designed by Satomi Ito for the first time to the latest season (2019-20), we have posted beautifully taken costume photos and production secrets just for this collection of works.

◎ Chapter 1: Story
The costume is unique to the designer
There is a concept (story).
Explore the source of her ideas and perspectives.

◎ Chapter 2: Detail
Not only beauty but also
Decoration that is applied while emphasizing functionality.
With elaborate embroidery
Focus on stonework.

◎ Chapter 3: Color
When you listen to music, you get an image of color
The first thing that comes out is an important element in design.
Make the players shine on the ice
We approach the “color” that colors the program.

◆ Costumed players ◆
Yuzuru Hanyu, Vincent Zhou
Boyan Jin, Shoma Uno, Daichi Miyata
Rika Kihira, Satoko Miyahara, Wakaba Higuchi
Evgenia Medvejewa
Marin Honda, Mai Mihara
Yuna Shiraiwa, Yuka Nagai, Yura Matsuda
Miyu Honda, Saku Honda
Haruka Imai and Mariko Kihara

Release Date:
March, 2020

Author profile

Satomi Ito

Graduated from ESMOD Japon, a fashion school. She won a special prize at the Kobe Fashion Contest and she studied abroad at Nottingham University of the Arts.

After she returned to Japan, she joined a costume company to make costumes for figure skating. She became independent in 2015. Her costume production, which is full of originality backed by her unique aesthetic sense, is supported by many skaters, coaches and choreographers, and there are constant requests from top skaters in Japan and abroad.

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