Dressmaking in the 18th Century : Hand-Sewn Lady’s Costume

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The book introduces four dresses that were popular in Europe during the 18th century. This book can be used by dress lovers as well as manga and illustration materials, cosplay ideas, doll costume reference, and more.

The dresses are introduced in the following order according to the transition of fashion: “English gowns,” “Sac gowns,” “Italian gowns,” and “Round gowns. Each dress is presented as a series of projects, from the main petticoat & gown combination to accessories such as scarves, aprons, mitts, hats, etc. The total production procedure is introduced as a series of projects.

The author is the founder of “American Duchess,” a popular historical costume and shoe production and sales company overseas, and has deeply researched the actual dresses of the time, and includes plenty of material that shows the changes in fashion trends, making the contents of this book a must-read to deepen your knowledge of the costumes of the time.

[Contents List]
Chapter 1: Historical Stitch Names and Stitching Techniques
Chapter 2: English Gown (Basic Dress)
Petticoats and gowns, breastplates, aprons, scarves, mitts, etc.
Chapter 3: Sack Gowns (Luxurious Dresses with Back Pleats)
Hoop with skirt spread horizontally, petticoat and gown with back pleats, etc.
Chapter 4: Italian Gown (a printed cotton dress featuring padding)
Cushioned panniers, gowns, caps, etc., with skirts that spread to the back
Chapter 5: Round Gowns (natural gowns with Greek and Oriental influences)
Under-petticoats with back padding Lane skirts with long hems, etc.

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February, 2022

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