CLO: DIGITAL MODELISM – New fashion design starting with 3DCG by Keisuke Nagami (HATRA)

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Keisuke Nagami of HATRA, who practices real/digital fashion design at the forefront. Careful and stimulating explanations by a designer who has fully utilized CLO in his daily production and has demonstrated his creativity. A practical manual for “playing” with 3DCAD CLO for fashion design!

CLO is a software that has attracted a great deal of attention not only from the apparel industry but also from the game, CG, and animation industries, and is a design tool with full of possibilities, equipped with a “cross simulation” function that allows users to form clothes while going back and forth between 2D pattern editing and 3D modeling.

This manual is designed to help those who have no experience in 3DCG or are not familiar with clothing to start expressing fashion using CLO.
Load avatars (models), edit patterns, sew together, and style. The texture of the fabric is reproduced, the model is posed, and rendered to create an appealing visual. Or animate a model to make fabric flutter.
This tutorial-style guide introduces these key CLO features and explains how to create/perform shirts, dresses, and even military coats.

◎Includes an intense talk that sheds light on tomorrow’s fashion/expression!
Interview: Neuro Studio, Chama, TELYUKA
Contribution: Yuuki Namba

– Sample files can be downloaded.
– This book is compatible with CLO ver 7.0|This book can also be used by users of the sister software, Marvelous Designer (*Some functions are not supported).

【Table of Contents】
How to use this manual

Chapter 1 About CLOs
1.1 How CLOs work
1.2 What CLOs can do
1.3 CLOs and Marvelous Designer
1.4 Reference Websites
1.5 Digital Modernism
1.6 Case Studies

Chapter 2 CLO Setup and Interface
2.1 CLO Installation
2.2 Initial Setup
2.3 CLO Interface
2.4 Viewpoint Operations
2.5 List of modes

Chapter 3 Using CLOs
3.0 Production Flow
3.1 Basic operations
3.2 Inserting a printed pattern (texture)
3.3 Arranging a pattern
3.4 Changing poses
3.5 Save

Chapter 4 Production I: Making a shirt
4.0 Production flow
4.1 Preparing the pattern
4.2 Sewing together the body
4.3 Attach sleeves, collar, and placement points
4.4 Tucking and cuffs

Chapter 5 Production Part II: Customizing shirts
5.0 Production flow
5.1 Core fabric
5.2 Buttons/buttonholes
5.3 Stitching
5.4 Length and silhouette adjustment
5.5 Adding pockets
5.6 Particle spacing
5.7 Materials/physical properties

Chapter 6 Production Part III: Pleated Skirts and Styling
6.0 Production flow
6.1 Pleated skirt
6.2 Styling
6.3 Design modification

Chapter 7 Animation
7.1 Moving the Skirt
7.2 Screen structure
7.3 How animation works
7.4 Cautions/TIPS
7.5 importing motion / mixamo integration

Chapter 8 Avatar Pose
8.1 Changing poses
8.2 Saving a Pose
8.3 Loading poses
8.4 Applying poses
8.5 Dressing and Posing Flow

Chapter 9 Rendering
9.1 Try rendering
9.2 Screen composition
9.3 Rendering settings
9.4 Video rendering

Chapter 10 Import/Export
10.1 File Types
10.2 Importing Avatar Models
10.3 Importing/Exporting Pattern Data
10.4 Exporting 3D (Costume) Models
10.5 Importing Illustrator (.ai) Data

Chapter 11 Production Application: Making a Military Coat
11.0 Production Flow
11.1 Edit Silhouette
11.2 Creating the Hood
11.3 Creating pockets and flaps
11.4 Fasteners
11.5 Buttons
11.6 Raglan Sleeves
11.7 Stitching
11.8 Fabric setting
11.9 Puckering
11.10 Fur and Boa
11.11 Trim

Release Date:
February, 2023

Author profile

Keisuke Nagami

Born in Hiroshima in 1987. Completed ESMOD Paris Nouvelle Couture Course / Master Course. After returning to Japan, he established HATRA in 2010. Selected for the 2018 JFLF AWARD (sponsored by the Japan Fashion Foundation). Selected for 2019 TOKYO NEW DESIGNER FASHION GRAND PRIX (sponsored by Tokyo).


Since 2010, they have been proposing clothing as a portable and borderline space with the theme of “liminal wear”. Focusing on the relationship between digital and clothing from the beginning, in recent years, through the application of 3D modeling such as cloth simulation, he has been exploring new relationships between technology and fashion design

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