The Great “Ballets Russes” and Modern Art

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Bakst, Picasso, Chanel, Stravinsky, legendary dancer Nijinsky …
<Comprehensive art> of “Ballet Russes (Russian Ballet Company)” where genius artists gathered.

At the beginning of the 20th century, “Ballet Russes (Russian Ballet Company)” swirled Europe into a sensation. “Comprehensive art”, which is a combination of art and dance, music, literature, fashion, etc., has brought about a major change in the history of modern art. Approximately 700 pieces of “Ballet Russes” that colorfully colored the art world, including the stage and costume design drawings of “Ballet Russes” from the end of the Russian century <Silver Age>, and the performing arts works of the same period Introducing the illustrations of.

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August, 2020

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Hiroshi Unno

Born in Tokyo in 1939. Critic and writer. He graduated from Waseda University, Department of Russian Literature.

He works for Heibonsha. He became independent after working as the editor-in-chief of “Sun”. He writes in a wide range of fields including art, film, music, literature, urban theory and fashion. He has written many books.

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