18th century hair styling

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A detailed explanation of 40 projects that faithfully reproduce the luxurious hairstyles, hats and makeup of the 18th century!

When you think of Marie Antoinette, you immediately think of her famous hairstyle, which was tied high, as if to defy gravity. However, few people know how it was made.

This book explains in detail how to reproduce the luxurious hairstyles that were popular in Europe in the 18th century. In addition to actually reproducing the fashion of the Georgian era, it is a book that can be used in various ways, such as historical novels, manga and illustration materials, cosplay ideas, and doll costume references.
In addition to a wide variety of hairstyles, detailed information is provided on hats and hair accessories that match each hairstyle, and how to apply makeup, so you can complete the fashion of the time to a high degree of perfection.

There are also recipes for making your own pomade, hair powder, and makeup for hair styling at home.
The author has also written “18th Century Dressmaking: Hand-stitched Lady’s Costumes” and has deeply researched the fashion of the time.

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March, 2023

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