Wonder JAPON 4 – Special Feature Fukuoka/Saga (Japan’s only travel magazine of “Other Dimension”!)

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The subculture magazine “Wonder Japan”, which supported the enthusiast boom in ruins, industrial heritage sites, factories, dams, rare sports, the Great Buddha, park playground equipment, etc., has changed its name to “Wonder Japan” and has a new look.

The special feature of this issue is “Fukuoka and Saga’s strange places”. A bizarre ruin that suddenly appears along the road, an art house that you don’t know if it’s a ruin or not, a chaotic market town that juts out over the river, a park where Saturn and Martians welcome you, a mysterious museum born from delusion. , And finally, a European palace that suddenly appears in the countryside… These give you an interesting experience that you can’t get at famous tourist spots.

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January, 2022

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