The Science of SUSHI – See the theory and technology that creates deliciousness

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Science approaches sushi technology that attracts people from all over the world!
Explains sushi-related matters from various angles, from knowledge and techniques such as how to select fish, cutting, rice cooking, and sushi, to scientific data such as changes in protein in fish fillets soaked in vinegar and salt.

Sushi is now a very popular Japanese food all over the world.
At first glance, it looks like a combination of vinegared rice and sashimi, but it is packed with techniques unique to sushi chefs, such as how to select fish, cut, cook rice, and sushi, which are called “work” in Japanese.

We will show the characteristics of each of the fish and shellfish used in sushi, such as red meat, white meat, blue fish, and shellfish, and explain in detail how to select and handle them.

It also mentions how to cook rice used for vinegared rice, which is so important that it is said that the taste of sushi is 90% with vinegared rice, and the temperature change from rice selection to cooking rice and moving to a bowl. ..

In addition, we will touch on wasabi and citrus fruits that are indispensable for sushi, and approach sushi-related matters from various angles, such as how to use cutting boards and kitchen knives, how to boil and boil sushi, and how to boil sushi and kanpyo.

You can see the movement of the sushi grip in a series of photographs, and use color charts for scientific data that tends to be difficult, such as changes in the protein of fish fillets soaked in vinegar or salt and rigor mortis of fish. I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner with beautiful visuals.

■ Excerpt from the table of contents
Chapter 1 Sushi Knowledge
History of sushi / sushi / season / fishing ground map / counter

Chapter 2 Preparation 1 Fish
Fillet Single-edged flatfish ・ Name of each part of the flatfish / Grate white flounder ・ Grate sardines and flatfish ・ Tuna squeeze / Cut red sardines ・ Crispy / Add shiny skin ・ Tighten with vinegar and salt Tuna with shellfish / shellfish preparation / red shellfish preparation / washing of small pillars / squid fillet / octopus / shrimp / shako / anako boiled work / untan

Chapter 3 Preparation 2 Sushi rice and others
Rice / vinegar / salt / cook rice / sushi rice / boiled / boiled / sushi sweetness / wasabi / wasabi ingredients / citrus / sweet and sour ginger (gari) / omelet / rag / kanpyo

Chapter 4 Grip
Gripping / Ohitsu Slicing / Gripping / Sushi Shrimp / Shrimp / Haruko / Shrimp / Tuna (Medium Toro) / Sushi (Large Toro) / Tuna (Red Meat) / Pickled / Shrimp / Shrimp / Striped Shrimp / Shrimp / Small Skin / Shrimp・ Fine fish ・ Honkai pine shell ・ Aka shellfish ・ Shrimp ・ Small pillar ・ Bird shell ・ Tuna ・ Tuna ・ Shrimp Makimono / seaweed

Fish muscle ・ Fish muscle structure ・ Rigor mortis of fish ・ Lean and white meat ・ Lay down ・ Aging ・ Tighten protein ・ Freshness of squid ・ Sterilization ・ Shellfish muscle ・ Shellfish characteristics ・ Squid and octopus muscle ・ Mirin and sea urchin ・ Rice Knowledge, how to make salt, cooking effect of squid rice, mirin, etc.

Science Point
The sharpness of the kitchen knife is sharp. And the softness of anago, the color of black vinegar and red vinegar, etc.

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February, 2020

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