The Perfect Guide to Sumo in Japanese and English

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The 34th Shonosuke Kimura, the yokozuna of a gyoji that has been active in the sumo world for 50 years, explains” sumo “in an easy-to-understand manner!
With English translation by Mr. David Shapiro, an English commentator of NHK general broadcast “Ozumou”.

Introducing sumo culture with abundant sumo nishiki-e.
The tour guide is carefully explained from the purchase of tickets, and a lot of knowledge about sumo that makes watching games fun is also posted.

Chapter 1: Let’s go to sumo wrestling
・ How to get a ticket ・ Sumo Information Center ・ How to read the numbering ・ Yokozuna ・ Ozeki ・ Effort organization ・ Flow of sumo wrestling
・ Winning amount ・ Ogata and Dohyo ・ Behavior on the ring ・ Partition and witness ・ Offense and defense ・ Opening ・ Sumo rules
・ Kimarite, Kinjite, Non-Skills ・ Gunbai ・ Speaking ・ Ryogoku Kokugikan Walk ・ Entering the place of wrestlers ・ Announcement in the hall
・ Entering the ring ・ Sweepstakes ・ Knotting No. 1 ・ Yumitori-shiki ・ Tower drum ・ Chiakiraku ・ Dohyo festival ・ Hanazumo

Chapter 2: Get to know the sumo world
・ One day in the sumo room ・ Chanko ・ A year in the sumo world ・ Introduction to the sumo room ・ Master and mother
・ Ichimon ・ Brothers ・ Uchideshi ・ Gyoji ・ Call ・ Tokoyama ・ Caretaker ・ Young head ・ Shikona

Chapter 3: Words Unique to the Sumo World


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September, 2017

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