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An all-color encyclopedia that describes airports around the world.

This book is mainly composed of two parts in the first half, and in the first half, 209 major airports are picked up from five regions: Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle East / Africa, and Oceania.

Huge airports such as Dallas Fortworth International Airport in the United States, airports under construction one after another in the Middle East reminiscent of near-future architecture, Beijing Capital Airport in Beijing, China, and large airports such as international airports that are about to open in the vicinity. It covers a wide range of airports, including St. Helena International Airport, which opened in 2017 on an isolated island in the Atlantic Ocean, and Wattay International Airport in Laos, where Japan contributed greatly to the opening of the port.

The second half explains 97 airports in Japan. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) is used by about 80 million people annually. See a wide variety of airports, including maritime airports such as Kansai International Airport, Chubu International Airport, Kobe Airport, and Kitakyushu Airport, as well as remote island airports such as Rishiri Airport in the north, Rebun Airport, Hateruma Airport in the south, and Yonaguni Airport. can do.

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September, 2018

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