Sota Fujii Full Game Collection book -Reiwa 2nd Year Edition

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Starting with his 29 consecutive wins since his debut, Sota Fujii has continued to leave behind an overwhelming record and record of success. This book contains all 68 games played by Fujii in the Go Tournament that ended in 2020. All games are accompanied by professional commentary.

Fujii won the Kisei title at the youngest age. Then, he continued to win the O-dai and became a Nikan. At the same time, he was promoted to 8-dan.
He finally won the title that he had never been able to reach before.
Please take a look at the moment when the genius Sota Fujii’s talent blossomed in this book.

The following 10 important games are all commented by Fujii himself.

Game 1, Game 2, and Game 4 of the Kisei Go-ban Match against Akira Watanabe
Championship challenger deciding game against Takuya Nagase
Game 1 of 7 against Kazuki Kimura Game 4
Asahi Cup Semifinals vs Akira Watanabe
Asahi Cup Final vs. Hiroyuki Miura
Gingasen final vs. Tetsuro Itoya
Final game of Ranked Tournament vsTaichi Nakamura

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October, 2021

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