Showa retro gacha gacha(gachapon) Capsule toy

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This book is written by Wacky Kaiyama, who owns 100,000 vintage gachagachas (capsule toys), and introduces 1,000 Showa-era gachagachas.

The book includes many Gacha Gacha and rare Gacha Gacha that have not been published in previous books.
It is the definitive book on Showa Gacha Gacha, with detailed information on the year of release and the manufacturer.

Release Date:
August, 2020

Author profile

Wakky kaiyama

Born 1970 in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. After working as a member of a local theater company in Sendai, an entertainer, and an office worker, he became independent as a freelance talent in 1998.
He is active on TV, radio, events and other local activities.
He is also a collector of vintage gachas, owns 100,000 pieces, and collects and researches the latest gachas.

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Wakky kaiyama


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