Showa Record Jacket 1000 Pieces – Read the Dark Story with Love for the Jacket

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In this book, broadcast writer Chappy Kato carefully selects and introduces 1000 records from his favorite collection.

All the boards are beautifully shot, and all have rare and diverse episodes and explanations. * All in Japanese

<Table of contents>
I wanted to keep 5,000 pieces that realized my longing for “jukebox” when I was a kid

The framework and legendary things of the records in this book

■ Introducing 1000 songs with photos and explanations <All pages all color>

■ See in chronological table [Showa, Kayo world and hit songs 31 years]
* The history of the donut board is 31 years from 1959 to 1989 (Showa 34 to 63).

■ Showa record proficiently rich
7 fragrant stories

A cup of tea that was really in Kosetsu Minami’s brother’s shop.
“HELLO” and “GOOD-BYE” back and forth lyrics secret story

Was Rosanna’s brother a singer in Japan?
The donut board jacket that I got by chance the day before the recording has an edge

When there were many covers of foreign songs in Japanese, it was also reimported.
“Una Sera di Tokyo” blockbuster was connected

Fall in love with side B. Seiko of the famous song Rush.
Chiaki, Hosokawa, Otaki, No. 1 in sales is 4.5 million copies …

Julie continued to stick to “band” instead of his solo.
Inoue Takayuki Band is always in his heart. Respect for each other’s way

The era of “Ondo” and MIX. For the Olympics, drinkers, traffic safety, giants, Lupine, Shin-chan, Vivanon, Hawaiian … Donburi Ondo?

It’s a natural time for professional baseball players to put out records.
“Good-looking guy” “Manly man” Hoshino, Emoto, Sadaoka, Shigeru Kobayashi …

■ Contribution
[Shu Shimoigusa]
A magnificent saga appeared in the verification of the song “sequel”.
3 years, 5 years, 7 years … and over 33 years

[Suzie Suzuki]
If you are a composer of Showa Kayo and make an order for grass baseball
The director was that person, but the reason is “I’m not good at baseball” !?

[Kengo Ishiguro]
The spring that springs from the US military base becomes a large river called Showa Kayo.
Like a drone, I could see the confluence, tributaries, and flooding from a bird’s-eye view of 1000 sheets !?

[in conclusion]
Guided by the magical power and mysterious attraction of Showa songs

Release Date:
June, 2021

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