Shinobu Machida’s Encyclopedia of Nostalgic Showa Home Appliances

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Fun, cute, and cheerful. A large collection of nostalgic and new Showa retro home appliances!

The Showa era (1926-1989) and “retro” have become highly popular again, perhaps due to the periodic retrospective booms and a reaction to the era of low growth. There are museums all over Japan that recreate retro lifestyles, and museums are holding retrospective exhibitions of Showa-era lifestyles. Home appliances from the Showa period are called “retro home appliances” or “Showa home appliances,” and their simplicity, high design quality, and unique cuteness have made them popular even among younger people.
Home appliances came into daily use in the postwar period, starting in the 1950s, and rode the wave of rapid economic growth, making great strides in the 30 years through the 1960s. This book explores the vast amount of materials in Mr. Shinobu Machida’s collection, including actual products, valuable advertisements and catalogs, as well as historical background and related episodes, to explain in an interesting way how familiar home appliances appeared, developed, and became a part of the lives of ordinary people.

【Table of Content】

Chapter 1  Television
Start of TV broadcasting / Commercial TV / Street TV / Sports broadcasts / Tokyo Tower / Wedding, Olympics, Apollo / Furniture TV, etc.
Chapter 2 Nostalgic Programs
Quiz programs / Children’s programs / Western dramas / Masterpiece foreign dramas / Interview with Kon Omura / 15 years of program listings, etc.
Chapter 3  White Goods
Principles of washing machines/Progress of washing machines/Vacuum cleaners in the Warring States Period/Refrigerators and ice, etc.
Chapter 4  Kitchen appliances
Systematization” of the kitchen / Baking with electricity /Home appliances that changed the kitchen, etc.


Release Date:
May, 2022

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Shinobu Machida

Born in Tokyo in 1950. When he was a student, he traveled to Europe alone. Later, after working as a police officer at the Metropolitan Police Department, he researched the culture and customs of the common people from the Edo period to the postwar period, and established the Institute for Common People’s Culture.

In addition to his writing activities, he is active in many fields such as commentator, columnist, television, movie and radio appearances, and historical research of dramas.

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