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Author of old house fan’s Bible “FLAT HOUSE LIFE”
The latest issue of Arata Cool Hand!

Houses, furniture, home appliances, clothes, magazines, stationery, camping equipment, light cars, music etc …
“Second-hand goods” that people have forgotten to let go are picked up again and “re-evaluated”.
In addition to introducing items, renovation techniques using old materials
We will explain how to enjoy antiques at a reasonable price with photos and illustrations.

In this uncertain era, instead of blindly disposing of your property
The trend is “re-evaluation,” in which we carefully re-observe what we have and what we have and re-enjoy it.
Rethinking the goodness of “second-hand goods” is not just a nostalgia, but a new discovery.
This book is also an opportunity to review the pros and cons of living, which is now commonplace.

This book is published in Fukuoka’s town information magazine “City Information Fukuoka”
A re-edited version of the column with the same name that was posted,
A column published in the town magazine “Tamarabi” in the Tama area of ​​Tokyo
A remastered book.
The author’s whole editorial, which could only be read in a limited area for four years,
This is the first book to be published.

Release Date:
August, 2020

Author profile

arata coolhand

Illustrator / writer
Born in Tokyo. Aquarius. Graduated from Wako University, Kuwasawa Design School.

Including illustration, logotype, production of illustration map, planning and design of clothes. In 2009, he published his first book, “FLAT HOUSE LIFE,” and the following year, he published a more enthusiastic “FLAT HOUSE style,” one by one, and made it into a series. Also, in 2014, “HOME SHOP style”, which introduces people who live at home as a store, was also released.

Currently, he rents FLAT HOUSE in Tokyo and Kyushu, and works at two bases.

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