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French illustrator Isabelle Boinot introduces the handiwork of French craftsmen in the popular Japanese TV program “Parisienne’s Rural Living”. A program that allows you to enjoy a comfortable rural life surrounded by your favorite things has become a book.

While re-introducing the work of the eight craftsmen who appeared in Seasons 1 and 2 (broadcast in 2021 and 2022) of “Country life in Parisienne”, this book will explain in detail how the author incorporates them into his daily life.  This book also post recipes for the dishes introduced in the program and how to make miscellaneous goods.

Life in Angoulême
Chapitre-1 Mohair: Warmth, Warmth
Chapitre-2 Baskets: No matter how many are happy
Chapitre-3 Knife: What Makes Happy Hour
Chapitre-4 Pottery: Tiny Tiny Vessel
Chapitre-5 Medicinal Herbs: A Gift from Nature
Chapitre-6 Butter: Nostalgic Flavor Fresh Butter
Chapitre-7 Dyeing with vegetable dyes: various things to relax
Chapitre-8 Wooden Vessel: A Vessel that Connects People My Apartment Leaf Garland / Mohair Brooch / Christmas Wreath / Carrot Tagine / French Toast / Mango and Avocado Salad / Zenzai / Toast / Lavender Sachet / Grandma’s Apple Tart / garland

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January, 2023

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Isabelle boinot

An artist and illustrator living in France. She is active in various fields such as magazines, books, miscellaneous goods, and advertisements.

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