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A trip around retro food vending machines. Udon / soba, ramen, hamburgers, toast sandwiches … etc. Former star vending machines that still remain all over the country. Time slip to the world of Showa nostalgia

[Main contents]
[PART1] Welcome to the world of “nostalgic vending machines”
◎ Large dissection of the nostalgic vending machine “Misanke”
Kawasaki Steel / Fuji Electric / Sharp

Hamburger edition
Fuji Electric / Hoshizaki Electric

Toast sandwich edition
Pacific Industrial

◎ There are still !! Showa’s famous machines
Curry rice / bento / miso soup / shaved ice / juice / gum

◎ Nostalgic vending machines other than food

[PART2] Nostalgic vending machines in the Kanto region !! ~ Gunma / Saitama / Ibaraki ~
Orange hat (Yabutsuka store)
Orange Hat (Shinmachi store) / Pit in 77 (Ota store)
Drive-in seven
Orange Hat (Moro Isesaki) / Akutsu Bending
Marumiya Vending Machine Corner
Auto restaurant Tekken Taro
Auto Parlor Ageo / Auto Parlor Manpuku
Araiya Auto Corner

[PART3] Taste the Showa era ~ Famous stores nationwide ~
Kumozawa sightseeing drive in
Drive Inn Daruma
Coin Snack Gosho 24
Sahara Shoten
Drive-in Amaya
Coin Snack Fuji
Coin Restaurant Koran
Vender Shop Momiji no Sato
Akune Shoten Vending Machine Corner

◎ The store has closed. ~ Former famous store ~
Tomita Town Vending Machine Corner
Coin Snack Ochiai / 24 Auto Snack
Drive-in Marunobu (Kamisu store) / Coin restaurant Ikeuchi / Nishida farm

[PART4] Extremely astringent !! Nostalgic vending machine at the hotel
Hotel Korakuen
If you stay at Korakuen, Auto Snack Sakurai / Poppy and Yosaka
Nagasawa Garden

◎ Owner interview
Hotel Korakuen / Nagasawa Garden

[PART5] God of vending machines !! Kingdom of noodles with Mr. Tanaka ~ Shimane / Yamaguchi ~
Vender Corner Oasis
Goto Shoten (main store)
Kannon Chaya
Drive In Nihonkai / Kinmeikan Specialty Vending Machine Corner
Coin Restaurant Kawamoto / Vending Machine Shop Fuka
Road Station Silkway Hihara / Furusatomura Otaniya

◎ A day with Mr. Tanaka, the god of vending machines

◎ Shadow hero !! Signboard production Seto Kogei

■ Catalog collection
Men / hamburgers / toast sandwiches / bento / shaved ice

■ Sign collection

■ Interview feature
Mr. Kenichi Tanaka, Representative of Seibu Giken 7 questions asked by Mr. Tanaka, the god of vending machines
Mr. Katsushige Ueda, Representative of Orange Hat Shinmachi Store
Akutsu Bending Store Manager Kazuo Shiina
Marumiya Vending Machine Corner Representative Masao Saito
Kaoru Nakajima, President of Poppy and Yosaka

■ History of Japanese vending machines

■ Vending machines that have finished their roles

■ Dialogue
Vending Machine God Kenichi Tanaka x Nostalgic Vending Machine Master Yusuke Uotani

■ Nationwide nostalgic vending machine MAP

■ Store introduction guide
East Japan area
Western Japan area

Release Date:
October, 2014

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Ulala Imai

Ulala Imai was born in 1982, Kanagawa, Japan. She is a graduate of Tama Art University, Tokyo. She lives and works in Kanagawa, Japan. Select recent solo exhibitions include Lovers, Union Pacific, London (2020), March, Oil Gallery, Tokyo (2020), Project N. 78, Tokyo Opera CityGallery, Tokyo (2020), Lovers, XYZ Collective, Tokyo (2019).

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