New bonsai textbook – Small scenery Making, loving, and growing bonsai

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Small bonsai and round and lovely “moss balls” are popular as indoor greens. How to make, grow and care for such bonsai is summarized in this book.

The feature of this book is that it is carefully explained with abundant photographs and illustrations so that even beginners of bonsai can learn with confidence.

The author, Kenji Kobayashi, created a “scenery” in a small bowl.
It is an authority of “scenery bonsai” that expresses the beauty and grandeur of nature.

He has practiced abroad and produces modern and stylish works while keeping in mind the principles of traditional Japanese bonsai.

With an up-and-coming traditional craftsman and a stylish interior shop
We also collaborate a lot.

・ What you need to make bonsai
・ How to make various bonsai
・ Rules for making bonsai that can be seen in the illustrations
・ A picture book of plants and trees to enjoy the four seasons
・ It’s hard to make pots that decorate bonsai
・ How to care for bonsai that you should know
・ Beautiful and lovely scenery The world of bonsai

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October, 2017

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