Living with Nanbu Ironware(Nanbu Tekki) – KAMASADA’s Work

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This book provides a detailed explanation of the history, techniques, and features of Iwate’s representative traditional crafts and Nanbu Tekki, which have a history of 400 years. The first concept book of “Kamasada” that proposes “Nanbu Tekki” as a modern and beautiful modern daily necessities while inheriting reliable technology.

Mr. Nobuho Miya, the third generation of “Kamasada” who is also a representative Nanbu Tekki craftsman and product designer in Japan, conveys the charm of Nanbu Tekki that enriches daily life in the present age.

This book will explain all the more than 200 products that “Kamasada” continues to make, both in size and usage, and also introduce how to use them according to lifestyle by popular stylist Kazuko Horii and barista Takamasa Miki.

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July, 2020

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