Junkissa(traditional Japanese coffee shops) and sweets Kyoto edition-30 famous stores

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An expedition to the sweets of a famous Kyoto store by a leading expert in Junkissa.

Introducing 30 famous coffee shops in Kyoto prefecture, with sweets such as parfaits, jellies, puddings, toasts, pancakes, and drinks.
Through careful interviews, we explore the secret story of the birth of the menu, the ingredients, how to make it, the personality and aesthetics of the shop owner.
We also consider the exterior, interior, furnishings, tableware, etc. of the store.

The culture of Kyoto pure coffee is spelled out by the author’s aesthetic eyes, loving sentences, and beautiful photographs that have attended more than 1,700 pure coffee shops nationwide.

“2020 was an unforgettable year for people all over the world.
I started covering this book in the fall of 2019, and for half a year, I went to Kyoto almost every month.
The history and passion of the shop that responded to the interview despite being busy
I had a valuable and enjoyable time asking about the future outlook.

I dream of that day when I can bother you again someday.
For those who live in the area, as a rehearsal for the next vacation
Because distant people take off on a fantasy trip
I would appreciate it if you could turn the page. “(From the beginning)

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“Tradition, Variations and Culture Garden Kyoto’s Pure Coffee Shop !!”

◇ Contents ◇
<Parfait jelly>
Mari Ane / Cafe Riguel / Himeringo / Camel / Gogo / Kiritoshi Shinshindou / Francois Cafe

<Purin ice cream>
Cafe Jade / Cafe Fleur / Inoda Coffee Sanjo Branch

<Hot cake, toast, bread>
Coffee shop Unsen / Shinshindo Kyodai Kitamon-mae / Cafe Tyrol / Rokuyosha coffee shop (1st floor) / Ryugetsudo coffee shop / Smart coffee shop / Maeda coffee Meirin shop

Gion Ishi Cafe / jazz spot YAMATOYA / Latin / Coffee Rest / Home Roasted Coffee Cafe Impulse / La Voiture / Rokuyosha Underground Store

Cafe Soiree / Gion Cafe Cattleya / Tsukiji / Chourakukan / Cafe Tea Room / Flower Tree

Column 1 The taste of the shop that you can enjoy at takeout
Column 2 Match Collection
Column 3 A work of art that adds glamor to the coffee shop
Column 4 Pure coffee and sweet things that the owner thinks
Column 5 Sugar Pot Collection

Release Date:
November, 2020

Author profile

Rina Namba

She became fascinated with the “Showa” culture, and began to enjoy the space of the coffee houses, which are also cultural heritage from that era, as if they were her own room, changing daily. Whenever she found spare time, she visited various shops and shared information about them. She is currently active in spreading the charm of these traditional Japanese coffee houses.

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Rina Namba


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