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This magazine is a guidebook that introduces “shaved ice” in an entire volume. It picks up the hottest menus by genre, such as “syrups,” “fruits,” and “green tea,” mainly from stores in Tokyo. It is a book that can be enjoyed like an illustrated book.

The book also contains extensive data on the ice, shaved ice machines, syrups, and other items used at each store, allowing you to encounter a wide variety of shaved ice.

●Delicious Shaved Ice in Tokyo
This section features shaved ice stores in Tokyo by genre, including special syrups, cream and espuma, green tea, Japanese style, fruit, chocolate, Asian style, and other delicious menu items. We have selected a wide range of shaved ice from those with beautiful visuals that make you want to take pictures to those with a traditional, relaxing flavor. You can enjoy the shaved ice in a variety of ways, such as comparing standard menu items like Uji Kintoki or checking out unique menu items that are only available for a limited time.

●Shaved Ice Collection
Shaved ice from all over Japan is introduced. This guide features shaved ice stores in areas famous for natural ice, such as Tochigi and Saitama, as well as shaved ice using ingredients unique to the local area, making it a must-see for travelers. The Kansai area is included in “Kakigori Bon: Osaka, Kyoto, Nara,” which was published at the same time.

●Shaved Ice Column
The book includes columns on the Kamakura area, which is famous as a fierce battleground for shaved ice in the suburbs of Tokyo, as well as introductions to some of the few “natural ice” breweries in the country. The book is also packed with pages on the history of shaved ice, ordering shaved ice syrups to enjoy at home, and other interesting reading material.

●Areas covered

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June, 2021

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