Junkissa Recipe (Traditional Japanese coffee shops recipe)

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A collection of recipes that can make that taste of a pure cafe at home. From meal menus such as Neapolitan, omelet rice, and egg sandwiches to desserts such as cream soda, pudding a la mode, and fruit parfait, it introduces how to make coffee shop food that has been loved throughout the ages.

The recipes for the famous menus of famous restaurants, such as One More’s French Toast and Heckeln’s Jumbo Pudding, have also been specially released.

Please enjoy the nostalgic yet new taste offered at the pure coffee shop at home.


Table of contents:

◇ Column
– With Her at the Café
– Enjoyment of Classic Cafés

◇ Meals
– Napolitan Pasta
– Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
– Buttered Toast
– Half Jam Toast
– Cream Toast
– Sugar Toast
– Pizza Toast
– French Toast
– Egg Sandwich with Boiled Egg
– Egg Sandwich with Omelette
– Croque Monsieur
– Mixed Sandwich
– Omurice (Omelette Rice)
– Beef Curry
– Keema Curry

◇ Sweets
– Melon Cream Soda
– Lemon Squash
– Milkshake
– Mixed Fruit Sandwich
– Banana and Pineapple Fruit Sandwich
– Pancakes
– Coffee Jelly
– Custard Pudding
– Pudding à la Mode
– Strawberry Parfait
– Chocolate Parfait


◇ The taste of the shop
Lake Biwa [ Neapolitan ]
Cafe Arles [Indo Omura]
Heckeln [ jumbo pudding ]
Coffee Chopin [ Ampress ]
Royal [Chocolate Parfait]
Mimosa [Big Hotcake]
Coffee Specialty Store Ace [Original Nori Toast]
Coffee Plaza Ichibankan [Cream Soda]
One More [French Toast]
Petit Mondo [Fruit Sandwich]

Release Date:
July, 2019

Author profile

Rina Namba

She became fascinated with the “Showa” culture, and began to enjoy the space of the coffee houses, which are also cultural heritage from that era, as if they were her own room, changing daily. Whenever she found spare time, she visited various shops and shared information about them. She is currently active in spreading the charm of these traditional Japanese coffee houses.

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Kazue Takayama

Cooking researcher and wine sommelier.
Active mainly in books, magazines, and advertisements.
Her recipes, known for being easy to make, delicious, and elegant, are popular.

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Kazue Takayama, Rina Namba


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